Beyond the Sea

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I absolutely love the ocean! Being on it, in it, or hiking beside it brings me pure joy. Every day is a new experience and I always start to smile and sing when I take off in my kayak. Born and raised on the California coast, it just simply is in my blood.

With a lifetime of education, teaching, exhibiting and traveling to draw upon, I have devoted the last five years to exploring the ocean south of the Port of Los Angeles to north of Monterey County; photographing extensively in all conditions year round. Then I use my reference photos to help remind me of my experiences on the water when I return to my studio and get to work.

I now try to bring it all together in a free and joyful expression of the the things of the sea I love most. Still using the old masters' techniques of multiple layers, glazes, and traditional mediums to produce the luminosity and visceral qualities that are so rich; I hope to share all of it with anyone who views my work.